February 08, 2004

If you have a spare fan or more, please call me. I need to borrow as many fans as possible, I'm hoping for 30-40 of them, to help dry my basement. If I wreck your fan, I'll buy you new one. But for now, I just need as many as possible. Thanks.

My dad and I went over the pictures (Yahoo Messenger's voice capabilities are so unreliable!!) and it appears that there is a chance we can salvage more than what the contractors predicted. I went over to check it out. Most of the walls are still wet. Drywall gets all soft when its wet.

My old bedroom is in good shape, it will probably just need a repaint and the ceiling will need to be re-stucco'd. The main room is in pretty bad shape. All of the exterior walls are fairly wet, although it appears the insulation behind the walls are still dry, because the vapor barriers reach all the way to the ceiling. I guess there's moisture between the plastic and the wall that keeps the walls wet.

The laundry room got the worst of it, every wall in there is wet. Right now I have the 1 fan we own blowing in there. Too bad, if I'd known that room was in such bad shape I would've had the contractors' fans blowing in there more. My dad wants to throw out the carpet, so it was a waste to have the fans blowing the carpet. Oh well..

My old washroom is only bad on the walls that it shares with the laundry room. Upstairs, wherever there are baseboards that are warped, the walls just above them are wet. But not too wet. Those walls should all be salvageable.

Every time I go to that place I feel so heartbroken. I only lived there about 8 years, but it's still saddening to see it in that shape. It almost makes me want to cry.. *almost* 8)

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