February 16, 2004

lots of time!

It's still not too late to pray for Alf -- his interview is tomorrow (he incorrectly told me today), so there's still time!

There is a cool breeze in my bedroom. I feel.. cold.

I think for the first time in a long while, I am not intending to see a movie this Tuesday. I keep checking my email and sure enough, no email invitation for a movie.

Mel Gibson is going to be on TV tonight at 10pm, on the VR and possibly some american station. He is going to be interviewed by one of those american ladies that does interviews. Like either Diane Sawyer or Barbara Walters? Anyway he is going to be talking about his upcoming controversial film, The Passion of the Christ. Be sure to tune in!

Today when I got home I found a message from the concierge that I had received a package. Excited, I rushed out, and took the elevator down. As it descended, all these thoughts popped into my mind about what this package might be. Gee golly willickers, was I ever excited. The Passion CD doesn't come out for another week or so, so that couldn't be it. Perhaps it is flowers from a secret admirer? Or maybe another subpoena for me to appear in court? Or maybe my parents sent me something? Maybe it is something from the publisher's clearing house and I've one a billion dollars? Or perhaps my inflatable err... nevermind.

Alas, it was none of the above, just some mail from the Canada Post, the "Stamp Travellers Club" that I am a part of. Yes, I'm part of the Stamp Club, because I am *so* cool!


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