February 14, 2004

st. V's day

yesterday after work i actually gave "valentines' day" a little thought, because i saw all these guys running around trying to grab the last card, flower, etc. and a lot of women carrying gigantic bouquets of flowers, some of them so big they had trouble walking. i found that a little bit amusing. one woman on the subway kept tipping over because her flowers were so big. haha..

something i've always wondered, is how a guy can forget until the last minute and buy something that has absolutely no meaning at all. it boggles the mind. this day comes just once a year, how hard could it be to think of something nice to get her, i mean he's got at least a month to think about it (after recovering from whatever thinking he needed to put into the christmas gift). and sure, valentine's day is not a true holiday but just a Hallmark thing, but is it that much to ask for someone to put some thought into a gift? and it's not like valentine's day just pops out of nowhere. with all the sales and banners, guys get *plenty* of notice.

another thing that's probably even scarier is the fact that these gifts are being sold, it means that women can actually be satisifed with something as generic as a box of chocolates, or a bouquet of flowers, or a card? i mean if that's not a clear indication of the low expectations they have for their men, then i don't know what is. to think, 50 guys run into a store and 49 of them come out with chocolates or roses, and the woman is actually satisfied with the gift, as if she knew her guy couldn't have come up with something better anyway --- it's better than nothing!

finally the last thing is the whole thing how guys make it sound like a chore. i asked my friend at work what he was going to do for his wife, for valentines day, and he starts complaining about back home (romania) he didn't have to put up with this crap.. hehe. from my observations (and i could be wrong), i think these kinds of special days were built for men. perhaps it's the way God made us, men are just not very sensitive and tend to take spouses/girlfriends/children/parents for granted.

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