February 04, 2004

It occurred to me that ol' mr.loquacious has been posting a lot lately, my alter ego who abuses this site that I wanted to make more about my daily walk. It's the very reason I changed the name of the site in the first place. It's a reminder that maybe my spiritual walk is slipping slightly. Gosh, I really need to find a new daily devotional.

Today I went over to the house to take pictures of the damage so that my dad can get a better idea of what exactly has happened outside of what I described to him over Yahoo messenger. I took about 40 pics. He hasn't come online yet but once I send them to him, we plan on assessing the damage ourselves. Insurance won't cover it, but that's okay because as my dad put it, God's blessed us well enough that we can afford it if we have to. Anyway the contractor's original estimation may have been a bit overboard.

From my own estimation, it'll cost us maybe 20-25 boards of drywall, and paint, nails, joints, sand paper, drywall compound, insulation, vapor barriers, etc.. There's no way it would cost as much as he told us. The amount he suggested would be enough to rebuild the ENTIRE basement from scratch. If we did it ourselves, that cuts out the labor costs. Again, thank God for the generous and loving friends who have stretched their hands out to offer their help.

After work today I met Kenric for the Raptors game (which we won by a huge margin). I have seen 7 games now this season. The Raptors are 5-2 when I go see their games.

My brother is getting his SAT scores back soon, two days I believe. Personally I'm very excited. Malice is one smart cookie and really regardless of what his score ends up being I know in my heart that he going to be successful with whatever he puts his mind to. It might sound strange but he is an inspiration to me even though he is 9 years my junior. He's my best friend and I miss him so much. After visiting Vegas at Christmas time I have actually considered looking for work in the States so I can be with him. Of course I've never actually looked because I've also enjoyed my time here... :)

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