February 28, 2004

Success! Today I woke up at the usual time of 6:50am, as I've done all week, but then I closed my eyes, and the next thing I knew it was 9:30! Insomnia, i strike thee down! Haha..

On a side note, I try not to think about the movie too much, because when I do feel this sense of burden and troubling-ness. It's like remembering a death of a loved one, only this is a torture and suffering of a loved one, on top of a death. I'm glad the movie gave me that image to picture whenever I think about Christ, but I don't want to think about it too much, as I could become a very depressing person to be around.

Some quick music reviews.

Firstly, the two Michelle Branch cds. Her first album "Spirit Room" I had to buy because I listened to it way too many times on mp3 that I felt it only fair to her and the record label to buy the cd once and for all. It's a good cd. I think she released the songs "Everywhere", "All You Wanted", "Goodbye To You". Possibly also "If Only She Knew", but the album version is different from the radio version.

The second CD is awesome. I can play almost every song on the guitar now. I think the first album was more a hodge-podge of lyrics, ranging from being with someone you love, being appreciated, crushes, etc. An entire of mix of teenage emotions. The second CD has songs about breaking up or getting over a relationship, feeling alone, desperate, etc. Also this cd is more a focused album, the style of music is more uniform. I particularly like the songs "Find Your Way Back", "Tuesday Morning", "Hotel Paper" and "It's You". I think so far Are You Happy Now and Breathe have been released, but at least 6-7 of the songs on the album are releaseable.

Well, best of all I appreciate the fact the Michelle writes and produces her own stuff. Also I'd like to personally thank Ms. Branch because ever since I got these two cd's, I have been back to practicing guitar almost every day again.

The next review is my impulse buy, the Wow Hits 2004 double cd. I have to admit that when I initially bought it was purely impulse. I picked it up the same time I got my Traveling Light book. I figured it would be a mistake, just like my iWorship cd. But this cd, at least the first cd has been, for me, a major coup. Other than the Amy Grant song "Simple Things", I like every single song on this cd. I like that it was put together so that songs flow well together (aside from that Grant song).

Another thing that strikes me is the group Mercy Me. These guys sound *great*! Kevin told me that he looked for their cd but couldn't find it. That sucks. Anyway, the song "Spoken For" just sounds right. I mean you know when you hear a song and you like it the first time, that's usually rare, usually it takes a few listenings before you become enamoured with a song, but this one I like it after pretty much the first 15 seconds. I also downloaded (eep! i know) "Word of God Speak", a song recommended by the workaholic, and that song was nice too.

I haven't gotten a chance to listen to CD2 yet, because I can't stop listening to the first one. Maybe in a week or so I'll give a review of the second.

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