February 19, 2004

a woman's touch

Today I left work early so that I could meet up with the first of two contractors coming to my house to give me an estimate. The first guy (Chris) was scheduled for 5:30, and the second at 6:30. Well, Chris never showed up, and called me at 6 saying he was in a "pickle" and would come tomorrow at 6 sharp. I know you guys are thinking Chris must be asian, but no, he's italian, I think.

The second contractor (Sandra) came promptly at 6:30pm. I mean she was at the doorstep *at* 6:30pm. Impressed. Her analysis of the damage and everything was really good. She even showed sympathy and when I told how it all happened, she actually said "Aw.. you poor thing." Ha! She threw in suggestions of what color the laundry room should be painted, to better match the flooring and counters. She suggested not to use stucco because it wasn't "in" anymore. She said if I picked her, she get could "her boys" in starting next week and be done in less than a week. She told me the damages could all be fixed with $5-6k, a far cry from the $25k the other guys were quoting us.

My dad also wants the attic done, and an A/C installed there as well. The A/C itself will fetch about 5 grand. But all in all the total price will still be pretty cheap compared to what those others (crazies) were saying.

I mean, I hafta say it was a good sell. She did a really great job, and not surprisingly she is the president of her company. What impresses upon me is how a little bit of cordiality, kindness, sympathy and just knowing your stuff without being shady about it -- it's really to me that extra bit of attention, that a woman's touch -- put into a job that a man would never think about doing. And that's not to say a guy wouldn't do a great job on it. I still have 4 more quotes coming in. But let's just say that I'm impressed so far with "A. Lifetime Contractor Ltd.", and leave it at that.

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