February 26, 2004

The Passion of The Christ

Sometimes it's nice to just sit down and relax, and think about things on your own. So I decided to watch the movie by myself, rather than go with a group of people and likely miss out on getting some time to think on my own and do some reflection afterwards. I picked Sheppard Grande because I figured it would be virtually empty, and on a Thursday, the day most people are at home watching telelvision.

The theatre was still pretty packed, I could tell there was at least 2 entire church groups there, because many people were recognizing eachother.

My reasoning for wanting to see the film was to basically give myself a visual aid in my remembrance of what God's love means to me, and the sacrifice that Christ made for us. Well, for me. I mean you read and hear about it, but it kinda hits you more when you see it. (You can read on, it's not like I could "spoil it", since most of you should already know the story.)

Aside from the evangelical aspect of the film, I think was important for me to watch the film because I wanted to 'relive' that moment of realizing the sacrifice He did for all of us. This selfless act of love.

The movie was good, but I don't think that I am any closer to fully realizing what Christ went through for us, although I have a better picture of it now. I guess as humans it's probably impossible to fully comprehend that kind of love. I feel as though there was still so much more to the sufferings, despite the awful brutality already shown in the movie.

Anyway, I'll post more later. I prefer to think about it some more before I say more. And likely, I'll see it again soon.

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