February 25, 2004


the subject of Lent has come up on a number of sites i've been reading. when i was little, i once tried going an entire day without eating anything. it was especially tough because we went to the home show that year and they were giving out a lot of free samples. i think i lasted about 6 hours. :)

the idea of giving up something of importance in order to soul-search and repent for Christ's sacrifice. taking stock of what God's provided us, and a time to reflect. i once gave up food and water for thirty hours, during the 30-hour famine campaign. it wasn't that bad surprisingly, despite many people warning me that it was sheer madness to give up water.

what could i give up that would truly be *difficult* for me to give up. what could i stop using or eating or doing that would take me down to the level of suffering so that i could somewhat get a taste of the suffering that Christ did for me? what means so much to me that it would be devastating to give up for a 40 day span?

I've decided I'll give up sky-diving. No more sky-diving for the next 40 days. Starting today, no more sky-diving until Easter. You heard me right, it's done! :)


- could I go an entire month without reading ESPN.com?
- Or perhaps email and chat programs. Could I go for 40 days without reading my email or chatting? My mailbox would overflow in 2 days. What if something happens to my family? I found out about my grandfather's stroke via MSN.
- Does blogging count? I communicate with people via the comments box. Wouldn't reading the comments box be the same as receiving an ICQ message?
- Or give up TV? Would it be wrong to tape the shows and watch them after the 40 days?
- How bout giving up taking the subway and walking to work everyday. It would take me 3 hours.
- I have McDonalds at least twice a week. I could give that up. Give up all fast foods, then I'd have to skip lunch entirely every single day.
- Give up video games. Does Pingu count? What about Hearts? I have played a "real" video game since Sunday. 40 days shouldn't be so bad.
- Friends are very important to me. How bout giving up talking to friends?
- I like singing, how about no more singing? But then what about worship service, and my choir responsibilities?

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