February 29, 2004

Lets see.. yesterday I had lunch with Kenric, at pho88, over at Bamburgh. I had an extra large, which is a lot. We call that the "toilet bowl" because it's like a massive ceramic bowl of soup. Then we went to Mitchell's and i bought the Mercy Me cd, called "Spoken For".

I love this cd. I believe it's their second cd, the first one likely containing more p&w songs. I just love the way they sound. Vocals are great, and it has good bass too. And it's got the acoustic guitar going which allows me to *attempt* to play along. I dunno how else to describe it, other than that it's good.

Then afterwards (yesterday) I had a nap, which is weird because I *don't* nap. Never have, except during emergency situations during 4th-year. I think this messed me up today, because I'm dead tired and it's only 9:30pm right now.

Today's sermon was pretty good, it kinda got me thinking about the end, when Kinson pointed out that even though God wasn't pleased with Moses' actions, He still allowed the rock to spew water. That's something I missed from the story the last time I learnt it.

"Just because something works, doesn't mean it's right or it pleases God."

That statement blows big hole into my theory that if things are working out, then it must be God's will. What about my job, I pretty much got it by coincidence, everything just "worked out" for me. Is it possible God isn't pleased with it? What if I met someone, and things are all fine and dandy, and I got married to her? Could it go as far as that? Our relationship could "work", but it's possible that it didn't please God? Yikes!

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