February 14, 2004


i forgot to mention this, but on thursday morning, i forgot to bring my subway tokens and i was late for work and had no cash on me to buy more tokens. anyway, I went to the scotiabank atm underground across from the loblaws to get some cash. in my haste, i typed in the wrong pin number, and it spat out my card. so then i pushed it back in again. and nothing happened!

the screen flashed "please enter card". i was like: *oh crap*. i hammered all the buttons and nothing happened, so i called the 1-800 number and they told me to wait until the nearest branch opened, and then run over there and ask for help. in the meantime I called work to tell them I'd be late.

some guy walked over to get some money and i told him what had happened, and he told me about this time his mother had almost been scammed by a couple of guys trying to trick her into giving them her pin number in order to retrieve her card. then this chinese woman came over and again i warned her not to use it since my card was stuck. she ignored me, brushed past and jammed her card in too!

so then the machine is trying to reject her card, but it wouldn't come out, and she tried to jam her fingernails in to grab her own card. well anyway, eventually hers came out followed by mine. i just found it really shocking that this woman would risk putting her card in, knowing mine was already stuck. amazing..

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