February 02, 2004

cripes.. forgot i didn't give my take on the superbowl.

I watched the game with Kenric and Mr. Abbas. They came over, we had sushi and beer. It's quite a combo. Try it sometime. *Anything* goes with sushi. And *anything* goes with beer. Thus, the two combined are quite good.

I missed the first quarter due to driving back and forth to the house to wait for the plumber and to see if the cleaners had finished their cleaning yet. I waited til they were all finished then came back to watch the game.

as per the usual.. [SPORTS] ahh!! stay away girls!

What a relief that I missed the first quarter because the defenses soundly stopped eachother. Ben and Kenric were cheering whenever any team got a first down. A FIRST DOWN! So thank God I missed the first quarter.

The game was exactly what I thought it'd be up to that point. But then something happened. The defenses broke down. They got tired. That is what happens when an entire nation hypes this game to be a defense-fest. They get overly excited for the game, and they exhume all their strength in the first half. As a result, there was no defense for the remainder of the game.

Well, when there's no defense, then even mediocre QBs such as Tom Brady and Jake Delhomme, can light it up. And that is exactly what these two mediocre quarterbacks did. Mediocrity vs. mediocrity, these two guys looked like offensive geniuses for 3 quarters and had every unknowledgeable fan raving about this great game.

Okay I'll admit it was a good game. It was exciting, back and forth. The type of game you want to see for the final game of the year. So even with the mediocrity on the field, it was still exciting. I mean, it's still better than a CFL game right?

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