February 20, 2004

I hoped that two estimates would take maybe 1.5 hours, but instead they stretched into 3 hours. *sigh*

Physically I am totally exhausted. Mentally, just really really frustrated. I missed small group. *bigger sigh*

Anita's uncle is a really nice guy (he doesn't know i'm a friend of anita), he came about 15 minutes late but did a thorough job. Unfortunately I found out he's not bonded or insured, so I highly doubt dad will pick him. Unfortunately that's the truth of this business though.. most of the 'asian' "companies" aren't completely legit, although they offer an equally good service and lower prices. I felt it wouldn't be fair to him to tell him I knew Anita, because he might feel obliged to give me some kinda deal. I know that sounds silly, but I know guys like this are already offering a pretty lower price already.

Chris was supposed to come at 7:45pm, Anita's uncle took longer so I called Chris to move it to 8:15pm. Of course, the shows up at 8:30. The worst thing of all is, I actually like the guy. He had an even lower estimate than yesterday's impressive sell. In fact it's not even close; he's about 60% of what Sandra offered, although she promised to have in done in a few days, whereas this guy says it'll take over a week.

Sandra hasn't given me her full total estimate, while Chris gave it to me straight up as he was leaving. He finished fast. Can I forgive a guy for being late 3 times? Hard to say, since my dad will make the final decision.

3 more tomorrow, first one starts at 8am. Joy!

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