February 17, 2004


to anyone who hasn't seen "planet of the apes", the more recent version -- don't. what a terrible movie.. and the ending.. omg.. what a waste of time!

i have been reading my small group book as my devotional, simply because i haven't gone out to buy a real devotional. of course i have to be careful because we have only covered two chapters so far, and i'm already a full chapter ahead. i have been waiting for alf to finish his book because he said he'd let me have it afterwards but it appears it might take over a month before he finishes. because he's using it to write a paper for a course he's taking at tyndale.

i guess it's time for me to go and buy another book. originally i was thinking of getting a max lucado book since they such easy reads, but now i'm wondering if it will be challenging enough. i like that challenging stuff, it's good especially in the mornings to get me thinking before i fall asleep on the subway.

btw, alf says he did well on his interview, but they will talk it over. hopefully everything will work out for him.

i have been really tired the last couple of days. i blame my inability to sleep in past 8am.

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