February 14, 2004


tonight i was planning to have people over to watch the nba all-star festivities. no one showed up though. that's fine since i didn't exactly prepare for them coming, i didn't go out to buy anything.

today as usual, wasn't able to sleep in, got up at 8am and "surfed" until about 11am. then i went to futureshop, and finally got myself two things i've been yearning for, for awhile now. a printer, and a dvd player. futureshop had some cool deals going on. i got my dvd player for just $70+tax, and my printer i got for $250. pretty sweet deals.

the dvd player is an "aspire digital" (brand). you'd think it'd be crappy, but it's actually way better than the panasonic one i eventually returned a couple of months ago. it plays everything.. and i don't have to turn the volume full blast to be able to hear anything. i sorta watched Two Towers today, but not really, i was in my room most of the time while the movie was playing.

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