February 15, 2004

church, amusing

Today, Rev. Dr. Harding Ng, rapped. He rapped the words from "Where is the love?" by Black Eyed Peas. Actually he just read the lyrics, but there was a time when it really started to flow, and he was kinda beating his hand against the podium to make a beat, and also sorta swaying from side to side a little bit. It was truly a moment to remember..

In our small group we're always talking about Harding because of his direct approach, and how we're often so offended by what he says but then later on after pondering about his sermons, we realize how right he is. His level of discernment and his ability to strike a chord within us whenever he speaks is pretty uncanny.

Something that I've always felt was amusing was some of the wording of songs at T3C. For instance, they never sing the "brokenness" verse for the song "Holiness" (Holiness, holiness, is what I long for... etc). But today something even more amusing were the words for "Do You Feel The Mountains Tremble". On two occasions the words up on the screen were wrong, and it was funny what they used as alternatives.

The part when the song says "To wash away our brokenness", they changed it to "To wash away our broken mess". Broken mess? LOL!

Also there's another part, that says "Dancers who dance upon injustice". They had "Dancers who dance upon His justice". Hahaha.. Oops! Hahaha!

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