February 06, 2004

I need to find the chords for the song Breathe by Michelle Branch. In fact, the first person that can find me a site that has all her chords (so far I can only find them for her first album), gets a super-duper prize, like a big *hug*. Or maybe I should make it so that you don't get a hug if you do find me the site, and then I just go around hugging everyone who couldn't. Yeah that's it.. make it a punishment, to make people listen.

Yesterday I discovered that my mp3 player can't handle songs above 128kbps. That sorta sucks..

I checked out the house today. Forgot to check the mailbox again (you idiot!!). We're waiting for a written letter from the insurance company stating their refusal to cover the cost of cleanup and renovation.

My brother got his SAT score back yesterday, and was *disappointed* after getting 93.5% on it. Um yeah.. your future is so over. Poor kid will have to *settle* for Harvard. What a bum..

Let's see.. anything else I haven't covered? Alf's got an interview on the 16th.. please pray for him!

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