February 03, 2004

earthly lessons

today i picked up some valuable lessons. one is a reminder. RTFM! dr. lawford would always remind us this. Better known as "Read The F***ing Manual", Dr. Lawford would always say READ THE FULL MANUAL! Anyway, that's an important lesson as my parents failed to read the home insurance policy and as a result it will cost them a mid-size sedan.

here's another lesson: Always ask how much something is going to cost before letting people do the work. I had to learn this the hard way, but the plumber will be the one who will have to face God one day and answer why he ripped me off. I kept asking him how much will this cost? And he'd say, "we'll see". Then after the work is done, all 8 minutes worth, he turns to me and says $150. 150 bucks? For 15 minutes? That's what, $600/hour?!

a lesson on the lottery system: 15 co-workers and I "invested" $2 each for last week's Super 7 jackpot of $30M. We won, 3 times.. two 10 dollar prizes and a free ticket. We "invested" $32 and made $22 back. It's like playing the stock market. And we're putting it all back in again. How foolish we are..

finally a lesson on girls: they say that men can't understand women.. but maybe it works the other way too. i mean a guy will try their best to impress a girl, or try to make her laugh, in the hopes of attracting her. but she will think he's just fooling around or trying to be funny. wait, maybe this is still the same ol' men not understanding thing, because we just don't know what it takes for girls to get it. yeah, that's probably what it is. it's always twisted to make us look dumb. i guess that's how God made us. *sigh*

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