February 25, 2004


two weeks it took for me to finally see this movie. Monster is a movie based on a prostitute who turns into a serial killer. Charlize Theron has won just about every award that exists for "best actress in a..." so kenric and I thought it would be worth seeing. And it was, she was amazing and should easily win the Oscar in the same category.

the movie itself however, was terrible. there was *nothing* good about this movie. okay, the acting was good.. but what else? nothing at all. i went into the movie with absolutely no expectations, and came out completely disgusted by it. it was violent, the language was extremely vulgar. there wasn't really any drama to it. no comedy, romance. just a lot of disgusting girl-on-girl scenes, prostitution, sexual perversion, and senseless shootings. maybe the director meant for us to feel sorry for her, but i didn't catch it. literally every 4th word in the movie dialogue was the F-word.. if you wanted to see a movie on the opposite spectrum from The Passion of The Christ, then this is probably what you're looking for.

there was a time during the movie when i actually considered getting up to leave.

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