February 02, 2004

when it rains..

today it got a whole lot worse. yesterday, after discovering the mess in my basement, surprisingly my father took the news rather well. i mean there was nothing he or i could do about it. we called insurance and they sent a team over to clean it up.

today, a guy came out to do an estimate on the damage and repairs. they estimated about $25,000. ouch. but hey, we have insurance. right? RIGHT?!

yeah, we do have it. Allstate. Allstate called after I got back to work at 2pm. they wouldn't cover it. apparently in the policy it states that you have to check your house DAILY, otherwise any water-related damages don't count.

ouch.. it's the cost of a car. ouch.

well needless to say i'm concerned, and very very stressed. God has thrown us another curve ball. I'm totally stressed.. there's nothing we can do. Feels so helpless inside..

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