February 01, 2004

fishing, anyone?

today would have to be the lowest day so far in my string of bad luck. flat tire, will be fixed next week. my voice is coming back, just can't do any tenor stuff. but today was the BADDEST of all.

after church kenric and i drove back to my place so we can take the subway down to the raptors (and Lakers) game. i finally decided to check a message i'd received on Friday night. i figured it to be someone who was trying to get directions to my place on friday. wrong.

it was my neighbor, saying that there was water flowing pretty fast out of a vent on the side of my house. so i decided to take a look. when i got into the house all i could hear was flowing water. i walked into the kitchen, the kitchen was covered in water, about 1 cm of water on the floor. seemed like water was blasting out from under the kitchen sink.

i heard a lot of water dripping (flowing) in the basement, so i went down to have a look. DEVASTATING! the basement ceiling was on the floor. water, was on the floor, in the carpet. it was soaked enough that when i walked on it, it splashed. water was falling from all over the ceiling, seeping down from the kitchen, i supposed. the walls were a bubbled up from the water seeping through the paint. it was just a moment of utter panic when i thought about how dad was going to react when i told him the great news.

after that it wasn't so bad. i ran over to the neighbors but her husband wasn't home. but she was able to reach him and i spoke to him on the phone and he told me find the main water meter and turn off the water from there. i did that, then i turned on all the taps in the basement to drain the water out.

i called stan for some advice, he was in sunday school, but he called me later to dish out some ideas. kenric went to the game, i heard we lost but it was a good game.

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