February 20, 2004

the apprentice was too hyped up by me over the week that the show was a little bit disappointing. amy got switched so i was kinda right about some sort of merge. sooner or later it can't be teams though. i mean it can't always be about the teams. team building/leading is only one side of being a great leader. Omarosa really bugs me. She's supposedly a woman who comes out of the projects and now works in the White House. But she wouldn't lift a finger while they did the apartment renovations. She's like a princess.

Tammy got voted off as ina predicted. I'm glad, since Tammy is the only person I didn't like on VersaCorp. Sooner or later Omarosa has to go. Yeah, she brings drama and everyone hates her, but even in Survivor 2, eventually Jerry Manthey had to go. She didn't make the final 4, and I don't think Omarosa will either. Princess Di absolutely hates her guts, she's never said anything good about her during the final discussions between Trump and his two lackeys. I think yesterday proves they are willing to vote people off simply because they're annoying.

I think the final 4 will be Amy, Nick, Troy, Heidi. Seems to me that everything that Amy touches turns to gold. She's the only person on the show who has never lost a challenge. I like Nick because I think I can relate to him the most in that we have similar personalities. I like Troy because he puts forth 110%, and he leaves everything out there. And Heidi just has the feistiness to make it well. I don't think the 4th could be Ereka (too emotional), Omarosa (princess.. actually more like queen). Katrina is a possibility but it still doesn't make sense to me why she didn't do the negotiating last night. Perhaps from her experience she knew they wouldn't turn as high a profit as the other team, and so she needed a scapegoat?

Kwame hasn't really done anything except appeal to the african american fans (and probably a lot of women). Bill is more like a great right-hand-man, not really a born leader. Besides, I'm pretty sure it'll be 2 guys and 2 girls at the end.

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