February 11, 2004

Today at lunch time, I went down to the foodcourt as usual, with a couple of co-workers. We were standing in a circle trying to decide between Manchu Wok and Jimmy the Greek, when a man walked past us. It was Brian Williams! I recognized him right away, and said it out loud, "Hey, that's Brian Williams!" and the two of them said "who?!".

Anyway, then Brian turned around and look at me, and he said "Hi" to me, and I said "Hi" back to him. That was my brief encounter with a celebrity today. Hehe..

For those of you who don't know, Brian Williams is a sportscaster for CBC. Probably Ron Maclean and Don Cherry are more well known, but when it comes to the bigger, more important broadcasts, CBC goes with Brian Williams. He has done numerous broadcasts, most notably being the lead caster for the Olympics. I have a clip of Vince Carter when he jumped over Frederick Weis for a dunk, and the guy doing the commentating for the clip is Brian Williams.

I dunno, I guess I shouldn't make a big deal out of it other than it was kinda cool to have seen him, and to have recognized him, as a big sports fan. He wasn't as big as thought he'd be. He's actually much smaller than I though. I guess because he normally wear a suit, he looked smaller. He's also older than I thought, but I guess these guys get pretty good make-up before the shows. If anyone cares, he got his lunch at Subway. I didn't catch what he ordered, since I think that'd be borderline stalker-like information. Heh.

Not much else happened today, I continue to write test cases for the system at work. I'll be leading the user acceptance testing team. I'm slowly learning what that's going to entail, including training users how to use the system, I'll have also have to report to developers on specific bugs, and evaluating which ones are actually worth fixing, etc. It's a big responsibility, but also a great opportunity for me.

My dad's dehumidifier is fixed now, one of my co-workers came to my house to have a look at it. It was actually a pretty simple fix. I feel pretty stupid that I didn't figure it out myself...

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