February 07, 2004

Firstly, don't forget to pray for Alf's interview on the 16th! Don't know Alf? Pray for him anyway!

Next time when I need to find a site I think I'll have to think smaller in terms of the reward.. heh.

I can't sleep in anymore. Perhaps I'm too old to sleep in, perchance my body won't allow it anymore, or it could just be the many things on my mind keeping me from a peaceful rest. I woke up at 8am this morning, despite going to bed after 1am for the past 4 days.

I went to get my tired fixed today, but there was a mixup at the dealership and they didn't have my tire in stock. *tsk*

Does anyone know of a devotional for single men, like if there's one written especially for guys like me. I've come to the realization that I could be in this for the long haul, possibly forever, so perhaps reading a guideline on how God wants us to approach this kind of lifestyle would make it easier for me. Maybe it would help me from going insane as well.

Small group was interesting. I think people forget I can't understand a word of cantonese, because they were going on and on about the how their parents scolded them and nagged them, all in cantonese. All of them were laughing and I was left pretty much trying to slowly decipher what they heck they were saying.

Another thing interesting was the fact they all were hearing the same things from their parents; all in chinese too. My parents rarely ever scolded me in chinese. It was in english, almost all the time. My family is very different from most chinese families. I am a 2nd generation Canadian, just like every other CBC I know, but somehow my parents embraced the Canadian culture while all my friends' parents stuck with their traditions.

My parents, while they still try to instill the chinese traditions, idioms [i hate those things!] in me and my brother, they don't really force it on us. All that really matters to them is that we're happy, and that we live Christ-like lives. I truly believe that among all my friends, I am the luckiest or most blessed from my parents.

And I don't mean "my dad's better than your dad!". I just mean that, my parents are ahead of their time. I can picture many of the people my age who are getting married, they might become like my parents once they have kids. But I've had the advantage of going through it already.

Anyway after small group, they (80% women) cleaned up my kitchen. I had an accident a week ago of spillage over the stove top and they cleaned it up for me, then did my dishes, and then proceeded to clean out my fridge, which was full of rotten food. In my defense, I haven't been able to cook the food I purchased due to just being way too busy lately. Last week it was the flood, the week before I had a number of appointments that kept me busy all weekend, and the week before I was sick. So basically I bought my veggies a month ago, cooked some, but never had a chance to cook the rest. They come in such big bushels, so just it's not fair!

Hmm.. this was a long post. If you are reading this, you have too much time on your hands!

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