February 21, 2004

Hrmm... another no-show. The 10:30 guy never showed up. I think the biggest problem is people underestimate the value of this job. People hear "water damage", and right away think there's a few holes that need patching, nothing more than maybe a $1k job. Little do they know how much damage there is, plus the drywalling of the attic, the whole thing should come out to a nice little 5 digit earning.

I can tell, after an estimate each person (who actually showed up) wanted the job badly. It's a huge job.. I mean the kind of money these people are going to rake in after I pay them is about how much I am earning in about 4 months. It's a lot. And these guys will get it in just over a weeks' work. Okay, so you split it over 3-4 people. That's still a months' salary for me. Let's say the material is about 25% of it, that's still 3 weeks' of my pay that I give them for 1 week of work. It's a sweet deal, considering most of them didn't have to spend $40k on a university degree.

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